Regulations of Use

Regulations of Use

Make sure you have the correct change. The largest note a driver will change is 20€

Under four years travel free.

Please keep ypur ticket with you for the duration of your trip.

Luggage goes in the storage hold. Please keep an eye on it.

Maximum luggage size allowed is 40x40x20 cm

Pushchairs and buggies in the storage hold.

Pets under 10 kg traveling in kennels are allowed on board. Maximum kennel size is 60x35x35 cm

Please give up your seat for people with reduced mobility.

Please respect other people’s space.

If you are standing, hold on firmly.

For your own safety, please don’t distract the driver.

Be civil. Keep the bus clean.

No smoking. No vaping.

Press the stop button before you reach your stop.

Touch out your TRANSGC card when you get off the bus.

Be careful getting on and off the bus.