Our headquarters are located at Viera y Clavijo 34 – 36. Here you will find our administrative offices and most of the management bodies.

The maintenance center, 22,000 square meters, is in Telde, where staff are responsible for maintaining and cleaning the company’s facilities, the vehicle fleet and fuel management. GLOBAL has its own supply centers in Arucas, Gáldar, La Paterna, Ocean Park, Telde, Teror and Vecindario, which are
intended to phase out external fuel suppliers.

The arduous task that is carried out in these facilities allows us, among many other functions, to control and optimize the number of vehicles operating daily. Thus, studies on periodic revisions (MOT) are carried out and new maintenance plans are applied to maximize the number of vehicles available, minimize immobilized buses and reduce the rate of breakdowns.

All these procedures are carried out with the utmost respect for the environment and striving for economic, careful driving.

The company also has garages in Paterna, Vecindario,