Monthly Card

Download application form (PDF, spanish)

On-line applicacion

This is a non contact Card, with a pre-defined route, and whose use will be for a single holder and non-transferable.

The card is rechargeable throughout our sales network.

The validity of the card is regulated by the fulfillment of one of these two conditions:

  • Maximum 30 calendar days, counting from its first use and not from its renewal, or;
  • Maximum of 50 trips.

It requires a prior request, which can be downloaded here (PDF, spanish), and presented in person at the Information Office of the San Telmo Bus Station or Santa Catalina Station, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, or directly on this web page.

The cost of applying for a Monthly Card is 5 euros.


When uploading, the titled card holder must bring the Monthly Card to the reader which will cancel their trip.


This card allows passengers to benefit from the bonuses established by the Single Transport Authority, depending on the kilometers of the previously defined route.

The bonus savings will not be applied on board the bus, but at the time of recharging the card, discounting the amount of the trip a certain percentage based on the kilometers of the selected route:

If the journey is between 12 and 25 Km. 20% travel discount
If the journey is between 26 and 50 Km. 40% travel discount
If the journey is more than 50 Km. 50% travel discount